copy/paste Episode June 23, 2016

copy/paste 80: solstice soundtrack

10:59pm - 11:59pm

A mix inspired by the summer solstice. Starts light and fun, slowly but surely descending into deep dark vibes.

Track Listing:

Light Star
COEO · Light Star
Done My Best
Nebraska · Look What You've Done To Me EP
Snow Globe
DJ Zozi · Mellow Vibe
Sounds of Fuca
Jayda G · Jaydaisms
Mirror Shield
Perfume Advert · Big Gete Star
Excursion 909
Elka · Chants
Route to Thonon
Cassy · Route to Thonon
In-Flight Acid
The Passenger · Weapons of Crass Reduction
Kris Wadsworth · Infiltrator
Confirm Condition
Sister City · 909 Homicide
The Capsule's Pride (Bikes)
Bwana · Capsule's Pride (Bikes)
Fatima Al Qadiri · Asiatisch