copy/paste Episode March 17, 2016

copy/paste 65: interview w/ seb wildblood

11:00pm - 12:00am

Earlier I sat down with Seb Wildblood as he kicks off his North America tour in Vancouver. We talked about the humble beginnings of Church, and traced it up to the internationally lauded label it is today. Hear the interview in full, with a matching mix by yours truly...

Track Listing:

Seb Wildblood · U
Jervis Pump Station
Project Pablo & Wolfey · Jervis Pump Station
Noah's Ark
Sasha Jan Rezzie · All My Dreams
Evening Side (Oneohtrix Point Never Edit))
Four Tet · Evening Side
Constantly My Cure
Avalon Emerson · shtum 009: Avalon Emerson
Fire Procedure
Keeno18 · Channel 18
Scatter Chatter
Shaded · Creepy Fingers
Tiga · No Fantasy Required
Visions From Yesterday (Saxy Mix)
Friendly Chemist · Touch of Jupiter