copy/paste Episode February 25, 2016

copy/paste #62: Fundrive!

11:02pm - 12:00am

It's Fundrive here at CiTR! We're asking all our listeners, fans, and supporters to help us out this time of year to continue our high quality coverage of independent culture and media. Keep that gravy train rolling! Donate to CiTR and support copy/paste! go to:

In this episode I extol the virtues of CiTR, and also play a choice selection of Vancouver-based underground dance musicians that are putting us on the map around the world... smash that play, and perhaps think about donating?

Track Listing:

The Earth's Library
Jolin Ras · Rebirth Cycle
Handsome Tiger · Ishallah
Vincent Parker · Purge
Jade Statues x Silkersoft ·
Lands of Kush
Ramzi · Houti Kush
Orange Crush (Plush Managements Mix)
D. Tiffany · Rhythms of the Pacific Volume 2
Recycle (Drift Mix)
Khotin · Baikal Acid
Two Shades Deep
RC Leigh · Two
Humans · Noontide
Heart Mountain
LNS · Maligne Range
American Thrash
minimalviolence · Heavy Slave
The No Show Party (ft. Dream Dior, Ghozt Pit & Funeral Homme)
2Cream2Sugar · The No Show Party