copy/paste Episode January 21, 2016

copy/paste #57: ADSR Book Launch

11:00pm - 11:58pm

Friendly Vancouver music collective ADSR is launching their first book! Comprised of interviews with artists from literally all over the world, exclusive tracks, and other gems, it's sure to be an entertaining read. ADSR boss man Sean comes by the studio to talk about the book, what's in store for ADSR in 2016 (hint hint, record label), and give us a very ADSR guest mix, full of mostly couch-oriented electronic music. Come celebrate the launch of the book, Wednesday January 27 @ the Anza club in Vancouver ( ), and keep up with ADSR via their blog ( http;// )

Track Listing:

Snowday · Evoke EP
Honbul · Unreleased
Water Lily
Eli Muro · ADSR Blog
Never Left
Illa J · Illa J
Soul Shake
Honbul · ADSR Blog
Tokiomi · Unreleased
Chill Morning
Tokiomi · Unreleased
Hugh Lecaine · Dripsody
Synth Jam
Akiko Kiyama · ADSR Blog
Sequencer Music
Datataste · ADSR Blog
Crossing Wires
Mary Yalex · ADSR Blog
So Real
Lumiere · Forthcoming ADSR Records
Tame Your Demons
J-Path · Unreleased
Echelon Echo
Emanuele Pertoldi · ADSR Blog
Defrost (Ding Remix)
Blisco · ADSR Blog
Snowday · Evoke EP
Marazul (DAAT Remix)
Southern Shores · HVAC