copy/paste Episode December 17, 2015

copy/paste #53: cosmosis

11:02pm - 11:58pm

let me take u to the stars, where there are no wars, just vibes... far out polyrhythms and cosmic synths... Resist corporate space culture and enter a zone.

Track Listing:

Fhloston Paradigm · Cosmosis, Vol. 1
Fred P. · Modern Architect
Metabolize the Bullshit
Roche · Dawn of the Next Cycle
Spring Fling
Earth Boys · Welcome to Earth
Stop (Album Version)
Gonno · Remember The Life Is Beautiful
Loved Them
Dean Grenier & Hej Fund · Grist EP
Space Noir
Clarian · Mission To Bars EP
Caotica Ana
Noah Pred · ADSR
Rennie Foster · The Healing Hall EP
The Earth's Library
Jolin Ras · Rebirth Cycle