copy/paste Episode October 22, 2015

copy/paste #46: consumed

11:00pm - 12:01am

mmmm this mix sneaks up on ya. Starts off nice and easy with some top notch stuff from two Torontonians, U.S. Girls and Princess Century, then moves into a smokey lake of faded dreams, eventually consuming every last thought with unrelenting kick drums and spacious synths. All mixed smoothly with care by yours truly.

Track Listing:

Window Shades
U.S. Girls · Half Free
Sunrise 101 / Last Disco
Princess Century · Progress
Disco Nihilist · Music For Autobahns II
Lake Of X
Antenna · New Life EP
Mall Grab · Elegy 12"
Crab Park
Loner · Chapel Sound Compilation Vol. 1
Throw Distance
Ferenc Stenton · Hover Drone
Velvet Vortex (Steel D Flanger Mix)
DJ Fett Burger & Jayda G · Velvet Vortex
Huxley · 2.0
The Stormy Search (Marquis Hawkes Remix)
Timothy Blake · The Stormy Search
Zomby · Let's Jam!!
Nicolas Jaar · Nymphs IV