Come Toward the Fire Episode September 16, 2023

Come Toward The Fire 2023

12:48pm - 4:42pm

Join Bee, Steph, Dani, and Ciara as they broadcast live from the 2nd annual Come Toward The Fire Festival at the Chan Centre!

Featuring live performances by:
Francis Baptiste

Please note: DJ Paisley Eva's set is introduced in this podcast, but was not aired as CiTR did not receive consent to do so.
Further, please note that due to technical difficulties on the day, some small segments of the live remote broadcast audio were lost.

Track Listing:

Riit · ataataga
One Drum
Leela Gilday · Sedzé
Kimmortal, JB the First Lady, Missy D · X Marks the Swirl
Russell Wallace
Moon of Open Hands · Unceded Tongues
From the Ashes
Nadine Gagne · Single
Lido Pimienta, Li Saumet · Miss Colombia
The Unforgotten
iskw?, Tanya Tagaq · ac?kos?k
Ziibiwan · Time Limits
My All to You
Beatrice Deer · My All to You
Live Set
MJ ScottS Live Set · Live Set
You've Got to Run (Spirit of the Wind)
Buffy Sainte-Marie, Tanya Tagaq · Medicine Songs
Live Set
Francis Bapiste Live Set · Live Set
Live Set
IronRhino · Live Set
Live Set
KeAloha · Live Set
How I Feel
The Halluci Nation, Leonard Sumner, Shad, Northern Voice · We Are the Halluci Nation
Son of a Matriarch
Snotty Nose Rez Kids, The Sorority · Trapline
The Halluci Nation, Tanya Tagaq · We Are The Halluci Nation
All Night
Digging Roots · For The Light
BiiPiigwan · Nibaak
The Circle Game
Buffy Sainte-Marie · Fire Fleet And Candlelight
Universal Soldier
Buffy Sainte-Marie · It's My Way
Tanya Tagaq · Animism
Koskona Pikiskwewin
Joel Wood · Mikwanak Kamôsakinat
Grace Too
Twin Flames · Omen
Melody McArthur · Kizmet
Cree Confederation · Pakosiyimitan - Pow-Wow Song Recorded Live at Twnety-Nine Palms
White Buffalo
Crown Lands · White Buffalo
Ak'a Tamaani
John Angaiak · I'm Lost in the City