Code Blue Episode July 15, 2023

Wall-to-Wall New Releases

3:00pm - 4:59pm

We feature a LOT of new releases today by artists ranging from famous to unheard of. As well, we'll touch on a few of the festivals and other events in the area.

Track Listing:

Code Blue
JW Jones · My Kind of Evil
Beware of the Man (Who Calls You Bro)
Doug Cox & Sam Hurrie · Hungry Ghosts
That's All Right (Mama)
Albert Lee · Guitar Heroes - Making History
If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day
'Monster' Mike Welch · Nothing But Time
Best of Me
Joanna Connor · Best of Me
Done Cryin'
Selwyn Birchwood · Exorcist
Travelin' Heavy
Nigel Mack · Back In Style
Beaver Creek Blues
Ruthie Foster · The Phenominal Ruthie Foster
Creole Queen
Bluesland Horn Six · Creole Queen
Do I Move You
Guy Belanger & Sylvie Desgroseiliers · Voyages
That's What You Do
Christone "Kingfish' Ingram · 662
Every Time I Close My Eyes
Nalani Rothrock · The Rock House Sessions
Painting Stars
The LH Express · Painting Stars
Hot Tub of Horrors
Badger's Caravan · Songs From Muddy Hollow
New Years Eve
Rick Estrin & the Nightcats · Contemporary
Dirty Old Tractor
Little Miss Higgins · Junction City
Jeni Thai · Night On Fire
Why, Why Me?
The Salmon Armenians · Swimmin' Upstream
Blue Moon Marquee · Scream, Holler & Howl
Everything Now
J-W Jones · Everything Now
Skake 'Em on Down
Michael Jerome Browne · Gettin' Together
All About That
Bruce Katz Band · Connections