Code Blue Episode October 6, 2018

Stony Plain Calling

3:00pm - 5:00pm

For our kick at the SO-CAN, [Almost] All Stony Plain Tracks All The Time !!! Hosted by Mr White Boy [Lost in the Blues] aka Jim Burnett

Track Listing:

Lucky 13
Downchild · Lucky13
Bankrupted Blues
Kenny Wayne · Stony Plain 40 Years
Linin' Track
John Baldry · Stony Plain 25 Years
Going To TheRiver
King Bisquit Boy · Stny Plain 25 Years
Bert's Boogie
Amos Garett · Stony Plain 25 Years
Midnight Special
John Baldry · Stony Plain 40 Years
Morning Dove
Paul Reddick · Stony Plain 40 Years
Mother's Cryin
MonkeyJunk · Stony Pain 40 Years
Rita Chiarelli · Stony Plain 25 Years
I MustBe Crazy
Dutch Mason · Stony Plain 25Years
If I Ain't Got
Kristi Johnson · Stony Plain25 Years
Wrapped Up, Tied Up
Jim Byrnes · Stony Plain 40 Years
Lost Love
AmosGarrett · Stony Plain 40 Years
All To You
Ellen McIlwaine · Stony Plain 40 Years
That River
Jim Byrnes · Stony Plain 20 Years
New York Boogie
Roosevelt Sykes · Stony Plain 20 Years
Wrong Way To Catch a Fish
mos Garrett · Stony Plain 20 Years
Rockin' Little Boogie
Downchild · Stony Plain 20 Years
Mighty Crazy
King Bisquit boy · Stony Plain 20 Years
Badly Bent
King Bisquit Boy / Crowbar · Stony Plain 20 Years
Police & igh Sherriff
Big Dave Mc Lean · Stony Plain 35 Years
Gallows Pole
Long John Baldry · Stony Plain 35 Years
Honey Do Woman
Sonny Rhodes · Stony Plain 35 Years
Crawling King Snake
Ellen McIlwaine · Stony Plain 35 Years
You Can't Fool Me
JW Jones · My Kind of Evil
Slow Down
JW Jones · My Kind ofEvil