CiTR News: On The Point Episode December 13, 2018

Council Hopes to Repeal School Tax & Other Civic Matters

5:02pm - 6:00pm

On Wednesday, a motion passed in City Hall titled, “A Proposed Alternative to Provincial Encroachment on the City of Vancouver’s Municipal Tax Base.” This motion, tabled by NPA Councillor Rebecca Bligh, calls for council to send a letter to the provincial government to retract a “School Tax” on properties valued over three million dollars. Some were surprised to see all three Green City Councillors vote alongside the NPA in favour of this motion. On this episode you'll hear an interview with Councillor Pete Fry, explaining why he voted for this motion and how he feels that vote has been misunderstood by the public.

After that, the News Collective discusses some civic matters including Council's upcoming vote on the 2019 city budget, Councillor Boyle's proposed Land Value Capture Tax and the provincial government's recently released Rental Housing Task Force Recommendations.

Track Listing:

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