CiTR News: On The Point Episode September 27, 2018

The NDP's 2.5% Allowable Rent Increase & Max Cameron on Vancouver's 2018 Election

5:05pm - 5:56pm

We start off the show with UBC political science professor Max Cameron, who discusses the decline in party brands on the local level and the simultaneous rise of independents in Vancouver’s 2018 election.

Democracy Watch then turns to the province’s recently amended annual allowable rent increase. What was originally set at 4.5%, has now been lowered to 2.5%. We hear from mayoral candidates Kennedy Stewart, Shauna Sylvester, Wai Young and David Chen on whether this rate goes too far or not far enough.

The show ends with a story on some of the cuddliest creatures in the ocean in honour of Sea Otter Week!

Track Listing:

If I Don't Get the Respect I Deserve, So Help Me God
Shitlord Fuckerman · Investigate Loud Earth