CiTR News: On The Point Episode September 6, 2018

Third Party Advertising & Econ 101 with Hector Bremner

5:02pm - 5:45pm

There's been a lot of buzz about the new billboards promoting Hector Bremner. And mysteriously, the group who paid for them hasn't been answering phone calls or emails. What level of transparency are third party advertisers required to provide to the public? And what defines a "third party"? We speak with a representative from Elections BC to find out.

Democracy Watch then presents a special story on Hector Bremner's socially liberal, fiscally conservative approach to fixing Vancouver's housing crisis and its social woes, all through increasing housing supply. In this piece, UBC economics professor, Kevin Milligan, reviews Hector's housing strategy and comments on whether or not it's economically sound.

Track Listing:

If I Don't Get the Respect I Deserve, So Help Me God
Shitlord Fuckerman · Investigate Loud Earth