CiTR News: On The Point Episode July 5, 2018

Accessible Transportation in the Lower Mainland, SESTA/FOSTA & the BC Newcomer Camp

5:03pm - 5:57pm

Democracy Watch begins with an interview with South-Surrey MLA and disability rights activist, Stephanie Cadieux on the topic of wheelchair accessible taxis and the role Uber will have on accessible transportation, if it comes to B.C. This segment is an updated re-broadcast, in light of an incident that happened this past Sunday—Canada Day—when a woman was forced to wait three hours for a wheelchair accessible taxi. After that, we have part one of a three part series on the April 2018 passing of the SESTA and FOSTA bills in the United States. News Collective member Ande Laidman interviews Carolyn Derkson from PACE to discuss how SESTA/FOSTA has been affecting sex workers in Vancouver. The show ends with a short piece on a camp for recently arrived refugee children, lead by local university students called the BC Newcomer Camp.

Track Listing:

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