CiTR News: On The Point Episode April 5, 2018

Local Headlines & Music!

5:03pm - 6:01pm

After headlines from Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, Democracy Watch airs a super chill, music-centred episode.

Track Listing:

If I Don't Get the Respect I Deserve, So Help Me God
Shitlord Fuckerman · Investigate Loud Earth
Sigh · Demos
Sigh · Demos
Late Bloomer
Devours · Late Bloomer
Mount Eerie · A Crow Looked at Me
Light of Loving
Faith Healer · Try ;)
Dumb · Seeing Green
On To Me
Ace Martens · Palm Springs
Leave Any Room
Pale Red · Heavy Petting
Tie the Blindfold
Pale Red · Heavy Petting