CiTR News: On The Point Episode December 21, 2017

Democracy Watch December 21st

5:04pm - 6:06pm

After headlines, Democracy Watch examines a statement made by Mayor Robertson, condemning recent incidents of hate, discrimination and racism in Vancouver. In this statement, which went unreported by media, Robertson conflates the burning of an Israeli flag with a violent hate crime. Democracy Watch features an interview with Rabbi David Mivasair, member of Independent Jewish Voices, who has requested a meeting with the mayor to address this fraught comparison. Democracy Watch then hosts a live interview with local activist Melody Ma. Ma is the author of a website satirizing a public art exhibition and culture campaign created by luxury real estate developer, Westbank. Last weekend, Ma and a coalition of groups fighting for affordable housing, protested Westbank's "Fight for Beauty" exhibition outside the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel in downtown Vancouver.

Track Listing:

If I Don't Get the Respect I Deserve, So Help Me God
Shitlord Fuckerman · Investigate Loud Earth