CiTR News: On The Point Episode November 23, 2017

Democracy Watch November 23

5:03pm - 6:01pm

Following headlines, the November 23rd episode of Democracy Watch features an exclusive interview with journalist Melanie Woods. Woods recently published an article in the UBC Journalism School's online news publication, The Thunderbird. Her story looks at Vancouver's DIY music scene, following October's string of sexual assault and harassment allegations that lead to the suicide on a local DJ. After that, Democracy Watch airs a special segment on the media’s coverage of the October 14 terrorist bombings in Mogadishu, Somalia, and how Vancouver’s Somali community is responding. This piece is reported on by Rehmatullah Sheikh and Aidan Tong and produced by Sheikh. The story is followed by a round table discussion with Somali community members, Saleh Ismail and Hamsa Mahmoud.

Track Listing:

If I Don't Get the Respect I Deserve, So Help Me God
Shitlord Fuckerman · Investigate Loud Earth