CiTR Documentaries Episode July 1, 2016

CiTR's UBC 100 Doc Series - Roadside Attractions

9:03am - 10:02am

In oral history and aural travelogue, broach the radio psyche! At any given time, you can conceive CiTR’s identity according to the audio-production it airs. Inextricable from the station’s programming are its “carts” — PSAs, promotions, advertisements — churned out by a rotating body of programmers, volunteers, and hobbyists. Host to accessible equipment and subcultural cache, CiTR has been a lightning rod, collecting the effulgence and psychic-runoff of UBC and Vancouver’s finest.

The “carts” are a rich text, what Nardwuar the Human Serviette once called the “the life, the blood, the sweat, and the real expression of CiTR”. In montage, collage, and close listening, we can tease out a dialogue between CiTR and the outside world, encompassing satire, punk, noise art, and more. Featuring interviews with CiTR alumni, production professionals, artists, theorists, and the peanut gallery, this is but a brief adventure into the unfolding lineage of amateur radio art that is CiTR production. Brought to you in living stereophonic sound.

This documentary was produced by Jonathan Kew. He is a section editor at Discorder Magazine, and hosts Kew it Up, Wednesdays 3-4PM on CiTR 101.9FM. He enjoys techno.