CiTR Documentaries Episode June 17, 2016

CiTR's UBC 100 Doc Series - Gentlemen and General: The Rise of the UBC Thunderbirds

8:59am - 9:51am

The UBC Thunderbirds are arguably the most decorated sports program in Canada. Last year, Blake Bill, former football coach for the Calgary Dinosaurs, led the ‘Birds to a thrilling Vanier Cup victory to bring the team back to relevance. But 33 years before that, coach Frank Smith developed the football program and built the team into a Western Canadian hegemon. This documentary explores his team’s rise from perennial boxing bags to 1982 and 1986 Vanier cup champions using audio from CiTR archives, interviews with key players, and coverage by the Ubyssey in the 80’s.

Producer: Olamide Olaniyan

Olamide is a third year UBC student double majoring in Economics and Political Science. He got involved at the station when he started his show, Soul Sandwich, and has since fallen in love. He is interested in the ways that we can tell sports stories and the ability athletics has to affect culture. This is his first dive into radio documentary.