CiTR Documentaries Episode February 4, 2016

CiTR's UBC 100 Doc Series - Waiting for Godiva, Conversations about Sexism at UBC 1980-2013

4:00pm - 4:57pm

For this Doc series, CiTR producers used digitized audio from our reel-to-reel and cassette tape archive to make documentaries about UBC and CiTR's history. The fourth in our series, this is "Waiting for Godiva, Conversations about Sexism at UBC 1980-2013", produced by Eleanor Wearing.

Throughout history, the university campus has served as a major site of controversy and discussion on topics of sexism. At UBC, student media such as CiTR Radio and the Ubyssey newspaper have provided essential coverage of these issues. This documentary uses this coverage to investigate how conversations about sexism and sexual violence have changed at UBC in the past thirty years, from 1980-2015. The first half of the documentary explores the history of the UBC Engineers’ “Lady Godiva Ride” in the 1980s, using historical audio from CiTR’s archives and interviews with UBC alumni. Following this, the documentary examines the Sauder frosh chant incident that happened at UBC in 2013, drawing on perspectives of UBC students, the AMS Sexual Assault Support Centre (SASC), and archives from the student newspaper the Ubyssey.