CiTR Documentaries Episode January 22, 2016

CiTR's UBC 100 Series - Grunge, by Roger Allen

8:26am - 9:23am

For this Doc series, CiTR producers used digitized audio from our reel-to-reel and cassette tape archive to make documentaries about UBC and CiTR's history. This is the second in our series:

Grunge was identified as a mixing of heavy metal and punk to create a slower and more complicated sound than earlier versions of punk but retained the same lyrical themes. Vancouver in the early to mid-eighties was hugely influential with bands like D.O.A. and the Young Canadians. By the early nineties the focus had shifted to the new Seattle grunge scene. Vancouver punks and non punks identified with grunge, experiencing a city is similar to Seattle in geography, climate and size. CiTR presented many big concerts in Vancouver. The digitized promos and interviews in the CiTR archive for grunge bands tell the story of Vancouver during this influential period.