CiTR Documentaries Episode January 14, 2016

CiTR's UBC 100 Doc Series - The Peace Movement, by Christine Kim

3:52pm - 4:55pm

For this Doc series, CiTR producers used digitized tape from our reel-to-reel and cassette tape archive to make documentaries about UBC and CiTR's history. We are making 10, this is first one to air: The Peace Movement, by Christine Kim.

The peace movement was an active campaign promoting total nuclear disarmament during a period in history where the two most powerful nations in the world seemed to be just one step away from blowing each other up, and subsequently the rest of the world. In the last decade of the Cold War, during the 1980s, the peace movement in Vancouver, BC, gained an unprecedented amount of traction. However, support for the movement was short-lived as peace activists dwindled in numbers moving into the 1990s and beyond. In fact, sentiments ferociously opposed to the existence of nuclear weapons today are far and few between. What were the factors that caused the peace movement in Vancouver to fail? Is the legacy it leaves behind one that supports the value of political activism as a powerful agent for change?