Chips n Dip Episode January 9, 2014

Jan 9 Chips n Dip

1:00pm - 2:00pm

new dog day, speedy oritz, each other and moreee

Track Listing:

beach watever
Surf Curse · Sad boys ep
silver nickels and and golden dimes
the beets · 7"
Invisible Hands
Shawn Mrazek Lives · Thought He Was Dead
You Will Live Under The Sea
Phantoms Again · Half Dog
Dog Day · Fade Out
Dog Day · Fade Out
tell her no
phonecalls · give it back 7"
lava flow
korean gut · lava flow 7"
mormon crosses · tour demos
diane · tour demos
party city
lazy · obsession
american horror ep
speedy oritz · real hair
altar coals
anamai · anamai ep
send me your signals
each other · being elastic