Chips n Dip Episode November 14, 2013

CHips n Dip Nov 14

1:00pm - 2:00pm

new babysitter, tough age, happy diving, and Channels 3x4

Track Listing:

Astro Children · Proteus
kitty baby
Gothic Tropic · awesome problems
happy diving · happy diving
sea horse
tough age · tough age
work from home
U.S Girls · GEM
Potty Mouth · hellbent
blow it south
White lung · blow it south single
sex church · Somnabolist 12" EP
channels 3x4 · A pied
cleaned up not washed
cowards · songs
left for dead
student teacher · left for dead single
cemetery house
babbysitter · split with monster treasure
sunderberry dream
fuzz · fuzz
bad thing
woolworm · no caps