Chaotic Music Meetings Episode March 20, 2019

Gil Goletski and Neetu Dha - "Ancient Babies"

6:32pm - 7:56pm

Neetu Dha (Convictions and Contradictions) joins Myles once again for an episode all about Instrumental music, and this time local bad boy Gil Goletski (shitlord fuckerman, YEP, Flavourcel) has brought along his favourite non-vocal tracks too! They talk about clubbing vs not clubbing, share their expertise about harmonicas and how ram horns are made, Polish disco, the intersection of animation and music, and imaginary friends :)

Track Listing:

Ram's Horn Call
The Flowers of Hell · Symphony No. 1
Harmonica Blues
Unknown ??? · CiTR Archive
Walking Colour
Duo Bednarek-Zgraja · Walking Colour
Yellow Magic Orchestra · Technodelic