Chaotic Music Meetings Episode March 8, 2019

Necking - Live!

4:06pm - 5:02pm

Local punk heartthrobs Necking play a batch of new tracks from their upcoming album and then sit down for an interview. They talk about collaborative writing, how the angrier Melissa feels the softer she plays, how it can be easier to sing something to everyone than speak something to one person, and how they're looking forward to the season of Monster Trucks and drinking beer in the sun

Track Listing:

No Playtime
Necking · Unreleased
Drag Me Out
Necking · Unreleased
Daddy Issues
Necking · Meditation Tape
Necking · Unreleased
Necking · Unreleased
Still Exist
Necking · Unreleased
Habbo Hotel
Necking · Unreleased
Go Getter
Necking · Unreleased
Necking · Unreleased
Missy D · Single
RED CIRCLE · Petrified
Mutually Exclusive
Dad Thighs · easy listening