Chaotic Music Meetings Episode January 3, 2019

ChemFatale - "Queer-joyment"

4:01pm - 4:58pm

ChemFatale (AKA Penelope Parker) visits CiTR to play some brand new dance mixes (so fresh!). She talks about working with Queer artists, not working with mansplainers, and sampling sounds from Bill and Ted movies :) Penelope is a songwriter, a drummer, a guitarist, a Remixer and a recording engineer working out of Red Gate Arts Society

Track Listing:

I Can't Break Away
Big Pig · ChemFataleMix
Britney Spears · ChemFataleMix
Sexy And I Know It
LMFAO · ChemFataleMix
Whoomp! (There It Is)
Tag Team · ChemFataleMix
Double Happiness
Pudding · Pop Over
Dirty Lime Cutter
ChemFatale · Unreleased
ChemFatale · Unreleased
ChemFatale · Unreleased
2Pac · ChemFataleMix