Chaotic Music Meetings Episode October 21, 2018

KMVP - "Better than Freud!"

5:59pm - 7:02pm

It's an EP release show for KMVP! Kristjanne Vosper released 3 new songs on the day of this performance and she brought her tiny amp to the studio :) We talk about highschool, screaming kids, how art is sometimes not work, and how Prince wiggles his fingers

Track Listing:

Nasti Weather · EP
Je Voudrais un Vin Rouge
Ok Vancouver Ok · In Transition
crystal ping
KMVP · unreleased
jerkin off Orcas
KMVP · unreleased
feminist for Beginners
KMVP · 3 Songs for Summer 2018
Tiny Dogs
Bash Brothers · Road Pups
Torn Asunder
KMVP · unreleased
KMVP · 3 Songs for Summer 2018
New Years
Kelly McLeod · simple calm