Chaotic Music Meetings Episode October 3, 2018

Neetu Dha - DJing Instrumental Music

3:02pm - 4:11pm

CiTR's own Neetu Dha came by to chat about and advocate for Instrumental music! We talk our favourite tracks, their use in video games and anime, how instrumentals are often hidden or pushed to the side as "background" music, and how they're a great way to give your brain a chance to think :)

Track Listing:

Yoko Shimomura · Kingdom Hearts OST
Prologue & Subtitle
Shunsuke Kikuchi · Dragon Ball Z OST
Setsunai Omoi (Sad Love)
Kaoru Wada · Inuyasha OST
james' suicide note in alphagetti
shitlord fuckerman · Teen Repellent Noise Laser
Eye Water
Hiroyuki Sawano · Shingeki no Kyojin OST
Trisha's Lullabye
Akira Senju · Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood OST
Judy Dunaway & David Hanson · Secret Sound Works