Chaotic Music Meetings Episode June 27, 2018

DJ Paisley Eva - Interview

3:58pm - 5:04pm

DJ Paisley Eva of Dame comes to CiTR to talk about inducting new DJs into Dame Fame, letting your emotions rule your DJ set, and the art of transitions. Myles Black interviews and once again scrambles to pull his theme song out of dead air. The two of them chat, giggle and play a bunch of tracks with strong Female content

Track Listing:

Strict Daddy · Demo
Flavour Crystals
Suburban Lawns · Baby
Cartoon heroes
Water · Water You Talking About
Drug Moms
Pudding · Demos
Subete Urimono
Aunt Sally · Aunt Sally
Home Alone
Hazy · 4 Letter Word
The Comb
The Waitresses · The Akron Compilation
Daddy Issues
Necking · Meditation Tape
Nasti Weather · Single