Career FastTrack Episode April 21, 2008

Find Out Why You Are Stuck In Your Career And How To Make Changes

5:30am - 6:00am

Let me tell you. This show is like non other. It is the most complex show we have done so far. Some will love it, some just won't get it. Here it is. The #1 reason you don't make changes in your life is because you trade on cost not on direction. Living at cost is like buying non refundable shoes for $100, realizing you don't like them, then wearing them for a year just because you paid for them. Living on direction is realizing that the $100 was a lesson learned, whether you wear them or not you will not get you money back, and then buy another pair more in line with what you want. If you get this at all you must listen to this show. If you don't, don't even will go right over your head.