Career FastTrack Episode December 11, 2007

Learn The Fastest Way To MATCH Your Loves With A Great Job

3:00am - 3:30am

This interview is one of the most POWERFUL interviews ever conducted on the show. This is because of the CALIBER of our guest.

Liz Sayer is an Industrial Organizational Psychologist. Which means, she is a registered expert on KNOWING who you REALLY are and what DREAM JOB you will be both GREAT at and LOVE and why not...make lots of MONEY at.

More specifically, she has spent 30 years learning EXACTLY what EMPLOYERS are looking for and MATCHING them, NOT to just anyone who has the abilities...BUT more POWERFULLY to the person who has a LOVE for the abilities.

And best of all she DOES NOT help you improve on your weaknesses. She ONLY focuses on building upon your STRENGTHS.

You will love her! You will love the show! You will love her GRAVEYARD SECRET! LISTEN NOW!!!