Career FastTrack Episode November 20, 2007

Hiring: Trent Dyrsmid, CEO of Dyrand Systems

3:00am - 3:32am

This is certainly one of those CAN'T MISS shows. As CEO and Founder of Dyrand Systems, a 2007 Profit 100 Fastest Growing Company, Trent says it straight.

All we have to say is that this guy puts his money where his mouth is and he is READY TO TALK...and exclusively on CAREER FASTTRACK. Discover if you have the Entrepreneur Gene. Discover if you have what it takes to run your own business. Also, identify the #1 way to start a business and exactly in what TYPE of business. Finally, learn from one of his greatest business setbacks and how he rebounded and how YOU can too.

BONUS: Trent also reveals the 2 positions he is hiring for and how you can apply. THIS RARELY HAPPENS SO TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY.

SUPER BONUS: And you have to hear his Graveyard Secret. It's only one sentence long but it contains a novel of wisdom. You'll absolutely love it.

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