Career FastTrack Episode September 25, 2007

Learn How To Summon The Courage To Go After What You Want

3:00am - 3:30am

If you run a 1.1 million dollar organization then do not listen to this show. If you have organized a conference for over 300 people designed specifically to help you discover what it is you want to do in your career, then do not listen to this show. For everyone else...consider this. Conor Topley is President of this million dollar organization and Spenser Rocky is Chairperson for this breakthrough conference...AND more amazingly, WE HAD THEM ON OUR SHOW. Learn how they broke through barriers in their own lives and how they have produced in a few short years which can take others decades to achieve. Shorten the period of time it takes you to achieve your desires. DO AS THEY DO...AND REAP AS THEY REAP. And best of all, you can't miss their Graveyard Secret. A secret that most people take to the grave because it is so valuable to them personally...but revealed for the very first time for your listening ears...ONLY on this show. It's a NO-BRAINER...listen to it NOW!