Career FastTrack Episode July 17, 2007

Backwards Career: The Fastest Way To Discover What Job You Will Love

3:00am - 3:30am

One of the best shows ever because it offers so much unique content. Included is the Quote of the Week, the top question asked this week by a dream job seekers, an amazing Success Story that will be sure to motivate you, and four BRAND NEW dream job theories including the way to make the most money in your career and how to stop worrying about what others think about your's you life. The highlight of the show is the concept of a Backwards Career. You have to hear it to believe it, and it is shockingly simple to apply in your life. Finally, we revealed The Graveyard Secret. A secret to success we would usually take to our grave because it is so valuable to us, but revealed on the show because if its not a true secret, it's not a Graveyard Secret. You love this one, I promise. Listen NOW to this show!