Canada Post-Rock Episode February 17, 2023

Feb 17 Show

7:31pm - 9:00pm

Jonah Yano "call the number" - portrait of a dog
mole "wfy" - poolblood
Blessed "Agoraphobia" - Circuitous
J.T. IV "Jet Lag Time Drag" - The Future
Jairus Sharif "905 Silver" - Water & Tools
Jalouse "Fumer au restaurant" - Nature morte
Slint "Carol" - Tweez
The For Carnation "Winter Lair" - Promised Work
Melaine Dalibert "Perpetuum Mobile" - Magic Square
Alexander Tucker and Keith Collins "The Spring Room 2" - Fifth Continent
Martina Bertoni "From E To W" - Hypnagogia
Zane Trow "Ghost Monk Dance" - envo​û​teuse haleine
Giant Swan "Sugar and Aire" - Fantasy Food
Karizma "Neccessarry Maddness" - Karizma Klassics Vol​.​1
TCH "Moholy Nagy Takes A Holiday" - Antipodean Anomalies 2
Two Shell "i m e s s a g e" - lil sea
Ladytron "Sargasso Sea" - Time's Arrow

Track Listing:

call the number
Jonah Yano · portrait of a dog
mole · poolblood
Blessed · Circuitous
Jet Lag Time Drag
J.T. IV · The Future
905 Silver
Jairus Sharif · Water & Tools
Fumer au restaurant
Jalouse · Nature morte
Slint · Tweez
Winter Lair
The For Carnation · Promised Work
Perpetuum Mobile
Melaine Dalibert · Magic Square
The Spring Room 2
Alexander Tucker and Keith Collins · Fifth Continent
From E To W
Martina Bertoni · Hypnagogia
Ghost Monk Dance
Zane Trow · envo?û?teuse haleine
Sugar and Aire
Giant Swan · Fantasy Food
Neccessarry Maddness
Karizma · Karizma Klassics Vol?.?1
Moholy Nagy Takes A Holiday
TCH · Antipodean Anomalies 2
i m e s s a g e
Two Shell · lil sea
Sargasso Sea
Ladytron · Time's Arrow