Canada Post-Rock Episode January 27, 2023

Jan. 27 Show

7:30pm - 9:00pm

Tallies "Heavens Touch" - Patina
Grumbling Fur "Suneaters" - Furfour
Ellen Froes "Things I Have Left To Do" - For Each Flower Growing
Mariee Sioux "Wizard Flurry Home" - Faces in the Rocks
Boyhood "Anew" - My Dread
Field Guide "You Could Be Free" - Field Guide
Notwist "Loose Ends" - Vertigo Days
Richie Culver "I was born by the sea" - I was born by the sea
Piss for Pumpkin "Killing Time" - Scared To Die
Sightless Pit "Calcified Glass (feat Yoshimi0 & Gangsta Boo)" - Lockstep Bloodwar
Christoph De Babalon "Steps Into Solitude" - Leaving Time
Jabes "Body Said No" - Ripples / Body Said No
Ruhail Qaisar "Namgang" - Fatima
Rian Treanor & Ocen James "Naasaccade" - Saccades

Track Listing:

Heavens Touch
Tallies · Patina
Grumbling Fur · Furfour
Things I Have Left To Do
Ellen Froes · For Each Flower Growing
Wizard Flurry Home
Mariee Sioux · Faces in the Rocks
Boyhood · My Dread
You Could Be Free
Field Guide · Field Guide
Loose Ends
Notwist · Vertigo Days
I was born by the sea
Richie Culver · I was born by the sea
Killing Time
Piss for Pumpkin · Scared To Die
Calcified Glass (feat Yoshimi0 & Gangsta Boo)
Sightless Pit · Lockstep Bloodwar
Steps Into Solitude
Christoph De Babalon · Leaving Time
Body Said No
Jabes · Ripples / Body Said No
Ruhail Qaisar · Fatima
Rian Treanor & Ocen James · Saccades