Canada Post-Rock Episode January 13, 2023

Jan 13 Show

7:31pm - 9:00pm

Rooms "Moon Signs" - Don't Be Yourself
Townie "Is it That Time Already" - Is it That Time Already
Bonnie "Prince" Billy "Outsider" - Outsider
Zenon "Fool" - GENRE Z
Jairus Sharif "Earth III" - Water & Tools
Bristol Manor "Life On Other Planets" - A Distant Urban Forest
dope.gng "Burn (feat. Xela Edna)" - NRNTB_ROUGE
Éliane Radigue "Maquette" - Opus 17
KMFDM "What Do You Know?" - What Do You Know, Deutschland?
Catharsis "It's So Easy To Corrupt A Soul" - Terrifying Shadows
Crimeboys "red shift" - Very Dark Past
Topdown Dialectic "B1" - S​/​T 2013
HYD "Fallen Angel" - CLEARING
ROMARE "Priestess" - Fantasy
WAAJEED "Snake Eyes" - Memoirs of Hi-Tech Jazz

Track Listing:

Moon Signs
Rooms · Don't Be Yourself
Is it That Time Already
Townie · Is it That Time Already
Bonnie "Prince" Billy · Outsider
Zenon · GENRE Z
Earth III
Jairus Sharif · Water & Tools
Life On Other Planets
Bristol Manor · A Distant Urban Forest
Burn (feat. Xela Edna)
dope.gng · NRNTB_ROUGE
Éliane Radigue · Opus 17
What Do You Know?
KMFDM · What Do You Know, Deutschland?
It's So Easy To Corrupt A Soul
Catharsis · Terrifying Shadows
red shift
Crimeboys · Very Dark Past
Topdown Dialectic · S?/?T 2013
Fallen Angel
ROMARE · Fantasy
Snake Eyes
WAAJEED · Memoirs of Hi-Tech Jazz