Canada Post-Rock Episode December 30, 2022

Top 10 Albums of 2022

7:30pm - 9:01pm

Nina Nastasia "Ask Me" - Riderless Horse
Carla Dal Forno "Come Around" - Come Around
Omertà "Collection Particuli​è​re" - Amour Fou
Kee Avil "And I" - Crease
Beth Orton "Weather Alive" - Weather Alive
Sofie Royer "Court Jester" - Harlequin
Property "Water Temple" - Water Temple
Fret "Rhino Patch" - BECAUSE OF THE WEAK
Phelimuncasi "Kdala Ngiwa Ngivuka (prod DJ Scoturn)" - Ama Gogela
The Spy "Nooit Meer" - Time To Strike
Jessica Moss "This Continuous Spectrum" - Galaxy Heart
Black Ox Orkestar "Moldovan Zhok" - Everything Returns
Blue Hawaii "L.O.V.E." - My Bestfriend's House

Track Listing:

Ask Me
Nina Nastasia · Riderless Horse
Come Around
Carla Dal Forno · Come Around
Collection Particuli?è?re
Omertà · Amour Fou
And I
Kee Avil · Crease
Weather Alive
Beth Orton · Weather Alive
Court Jester
Sofie Royer · Harlequin
Water Temple
Property · Water Temple
Rhino Patch
Kdala Ngiwa Ngivuka (prod DJ Scoturn)
Phelimuncasi · Ama Gogela
Nooit Meer
The Spy · Time To Strike
This Continuous Spectrum
Jessica Moss · Galaxy Heart
Moldovan Zhok
Black Ox Orkestar · Everything Returns
Blue Hawaii · My Bestfriend's House