Canada Post-Rock Episode December 2, 2022

Friday Dec 2 Show

7:31pm - 9:00pm

Bells Larsen "Cara" - Good Grief
Julianna Riolino "Memory Of Blue" - All Blue
Songs: Ohia "Darling...." - Hecla & Griper
Self-Cut Bangs "Never Say Never" - Circle Around The Free
Blessed "Anything" - Circuitous
Garden Dog "Acceptance" - Slothargic Meditation
Quit It "Control" - Spilling Out
Dead Cross "Heart Reformer" - II
JFK "Nipple Ain Tow" - Tape Archives 86​-​88
XAO "Bone Theory" - Wirehead
Noda + Wolfers "The Transient Purpose of Echo" - Tascam Space Season
DJ Narciso "ORAÇÃO" - RS Produções
Galcher Lustwerk "Outside The Club" - 100% GALCHER
Eszaid "Zmej" - Encircled Earth
Noémi Büchi "Causes Of Forgetfulness" - Matter
Interaccion "Newton" - 80s Underground Cassette Culture: Volume 2
Keiji Haino "B1" - My lord Music​.​.

Track Listing:

Bells Larsen · Good Grief
Memory Of Blue
Julianna Riolino · All Blue
Songs: Ohia · Hecla & Griper
Never Say Never
Self-Cut Bangs · Circle Around The Free
Blessed · Circuitous
Garden Dog · Slothargic Meditation
Quit It · Spilling Out
Heart Reformer
Dead Cross · II
Nipple Ain Tow
JFK · Tape Archives 86?-?88
Bone Theory
XAO · Wirehead
The Transient Purpose of Echo
Noda + Wolfers · Tascam Space Season
DJ Narciso · RS Produções
Outside The Club
Galcher Lustwerk · 100% GALCHER
Eszaid · Encircled Earth
Causes Of Forgetfulness
Noémi Büchi · Matter
Interaccion · 80s Underground Cassette Culture: Volume 2
Keiji Haino · My lord Music?.?.