Canada Post-Rock Episode November 25, 2022

Nov. 25 Show

7:30pm - 9:00pm

Aysanabee "Bring The Fire" - Watin
Dumb "Pull Me Up" - Pray 4 Tomorrow
Property "Clear Boys" - Water Temple
Milk and Bone "Whirlpool" - Chrysalism
Junior Boys "Thinking About You Calms Me Down" - Waiting Game
Transcendence Orchestra "Serviceable villain" - Dreams, Waking Thoughts, and Incidents
ssabæ "Tous Les Murs Sont des Portes" - azurescens
Nozomu Matsumoto "Vertigo" - Immunotherapy
Uri Katzenstein "Young Bastards" - Audio Works
Contact-U "Inside You" - Dancing Inner Space, 1982-1984
Pearson Sound "Sinkhole" - Red Sky
Ura "Let The VST Cry For You" - Baby With A Halo
Cheb Runner "Raibotic Love" - Raï Beat System
Zaliva-D "Bu Nv Rao Liang" - Misbegotten Ballads
Bonnie Trash "Silence Is A Killer" - Malocchio
Marcel Dettmann "(Batteries Not Included)" - Fear Of Programming

Track Listing:

Bring The Fire
Aysanabee · Watin
Pull Me Up
Dumb · Pray 4 Tomorrow
Clear Boys
Property · Water Temple
Milk and Bone · Chrysalism
Thinking About You Calms Me Down
Junior Boys · Waiting Game
Serviceable villain
Transcendence Orchestra · Dreams, Waking Thoughts, and Incidents
Tous Les Murs Sont des Portes
ssabæ · azurescens
Nozomu Matsumoto · Immunotherapy
Young Bastards
Uri Katzenstein · Audio Works
Inside You
Contact-U · Dancing Inner Space, 1982-1984
Pearson Sound · Red Sky
Let The VST Cry For You
Ura · Baby With A Halo
Raibotic Love
Cheb Runner · Raï Beat System
Bu Nv Rao Liang
Zaliva-D · Misbegotten Ballads
Silence Is A Killer
Bonnie Trash · Malocchio
(Batteries Not Included)
Marcel Dettmann · Fear Of Programming