Canada Post-Rock Episode November 18, 2022

Nov 18 Show

7:30pm - 8:55pm

Beth Orton "Worms" - Comfort Of Strangers
Julianna Riolino "Archangel" - All Blue
Ernest Hood "Pleasant, This Garden" - Back to the Woodlands
Robert Haigh "Baroque Atom" - Human Remains
Richie Culver "Pigeon Flesh" - I was born by the sea
Katie Lass "Long Window" - Hypnopomp
Ghost Woman "All Your Love" - Ghost Woman
Gloin "Positivland II" - We Found This
Modest Mouse "Convenient Parking" - Lonesome Crowded West
Planet Giza "Das U" - You Don't Understand
Emma Beko "Happiest" - Superficial Stains
T5UMUT5UMU "Desert" - Sea of Trees
Safety Trance "Miserable" - Lagrimas EP
Metal Preyers "Scream Dreamer" - Shadow Swamps
Patrick Cowley "If You Feel It" - Malebox
Mr. Fingers "Washing Machine" - Amnesia
Relmer "Naked Chimp" - H20

Track Listing:

Beth Orton · Comfort Of Strangers
Julianna Riolino · All Blue
Pleasant, This Garden
Ernest Hood · Back to the Woodlands
Baroque Atom
Robert Haigh · Human Remains
Pigeon Flesh
Richie Culver · I was born by the sea
Long Window
Katie Lass · Hypnopomp
All Your Love
Ghost Woman · Ghost Woman
Positivland II
Gloin · We Found This
Convenient Parking
Modest Mouse · Lonesome Crowded West
Das U
Planet Giza · You Don't Understand
Emma Beko · Superficial Stains
T5UMUT5UMU · Sea of Trees
Safety Trance · Lagrimas EP
Scream Dreamer
Metal Preyers · Shadow Swamps
If You Feel It
Patrick Cowley · Malebox
Washing Machine
Mr. Fingers · Amnesia
Naked Chimp
Relmer · H20