Canada Post-Rock Episode October 28, 2022

Oct 28 Show

7:32pm - 9:00pm

Elle Celeste "Back Again" - Call on Me
Dawn to Dawn "Meridian" - Postcards From The Sun To The Moon
Anna Arrobas "Farther West" - Made To Touch
Eddy "Tears In The Rain" - Fluid
Fake Palms "Civil Liberties" - Lemons
Moin "Yep Yep" - Paste
Sofie "Baker Miller Pink" - Harlequin
SRSQ "Elan Vital" - Ever Crashing
DJ Plead "Skittles" - Quick E​.​P.
Ripatti Deluxe "Radio King" - Speed Demon
Daphni "Clavicle" - Cherry
Hoover1 "Hoover1-5A" - Hoover 1-5
Emeka Ogboh "Wole" - 6​°​30​’​33​.​372​”​N 3​°​22​’​0​.​66​”​E
Paurro "They’re Here! (Original Mix)" - Galavisión

Track Listing:

Back Again
Elle Celeste · Call on Me
Dawn to Dawn · Postcards From The Sun To The Moon
Farther West
Anna Arrobas · Made To Touch
Tears In The Rain
Eddy · Fluid
Civil Liberties
Fake Palms · Lemons
Yep Yep
Moin · Paste
Baker Miller Pink
Sofie · Harlequin
Elan Vital
SRSQ · Ever Crashing
DJ Plead · Quick E?.?P.
Radio King
Ripatti Deluxe · Speed Demon
Daphni · Cherry
Hoover1 · Hoover 1-5
Emeka Ogboh · 6?°?30?’?33?.?372?”?N 3?°?22?’?0?.?66?”?E
They’re Here! (Original Mix)
Paurro · Galavisión