Canada Post-Rock Episode October 7, 2022

Oct. 7 Show

7:30pm - 9:00pm

Bells Larsen "Tongue Tied" - Good Grief
Sarah Davachi "Hall of Mirrors" - Two Sisters
Jessica Moss "Light Falls on Every Door" - Galaxy Heart
Bartees Strange "Hennesy" - Farm to Table
Eddy "Lovers On The Run" - Fluid
Delivery "Baader Meinhof" - Forever Giving Handshakes
Tanya Tagaq "Tongues (Daedelus Remix)" - Tongues North Star Remixes
Voice Actor "Calculated Reactive Space" - Sent from my Telephone
Ken Mode "The Tie" - NULL
Pyramids "Igloo" - Pyramids
Dreadnought "The Paradigm Mirror" - The Endless
Ron Morelli "Gunsmoke (Raw Mix" - Torture Promo 12 inch
Utah? "Last Light" - Last Light
A+A "North Star" - 60

Track Listing:

Tongue Tied
Bells Larsen · Good Grief
Hall of Mirrors
Sarah Davachi · Two Sisters
Light Falls on Every Door
Jessica Moss · Galaxy Heart
Bartees Strange · Farm to Table
Lovers On The Run
Eddy · Fluid
Baader Meinhof
Delivery · Forever Giving Handshakes
Tongues (Daedelus Remix)
Tanya Tagaq · Tongues North Star Remixes
Calculated Reactive Space
Voice Actor · Sent from my Telephone
The Tie
Ken Mode · NULL
Pyramids · Pyramids
The Paradigm Mirror
Dreadnought · The Endless
Gunsmoke (Raw Mix
Ron Morelli · Torture Promo 12 inch
Last Light
Utah? · Last Light
North Star
A+A · 60