Canada Post-Rock Episode September 2, 2022

Sept 2

7:33pm - 9:01pm

Soccer Mommy "Still" - Sometimes, Forever
Eliza Niemi "Trust Me" - Staying Mellow Blows
Big City "Vicious" - Liquid Times
Kamikaze Nurse "Never Better" - Stimuloso
x/o "Locking In" - Chaos Butterfly
Sinzere "Ric Flair Flo" - Tabula Rasa
Danny Brown "Winter" - Single
Jay Wood "All Night Long" - Slingshot
Chat Pile "Pamela" - God's Country
Enablers "Beam" - Some Gift
Jacques Bon & Drux - Elevate "Elevate" - A Long Way
Claude "what're you on tonight" - a lot's gonna change
Isolationsgemeinschaft "Der Tanz geht weiter!" - Anonym
Modal Melodies "Driving" - Modal Melodies
Troth "Blood In My Hair" - Blood In My Hair / Lumena
Feeling Sheepish "Some Of My Best Friends Are Canadians" - Sky Girl
Basic Rhythm "Still" - Le Samouraï

Track Listing:

Soccer Mommy · Sometimes, Forever
Trust Me
Eliza Niemi · Staying Mellow Blows
Big City · Liquid Times
Never Better
Kamikaze Nurse · Stimuloso
Locking In
x/o · Chaos Butterfly
Ric Flair Flo
Sinzere · Tabula Rasa
Danny Brown · Single
All Night Long
Jay Wood · Slingshot
Chat Pile · God's Country
Enablers · Some Gift
Jacques Bon & Drux - Elevate · A Long Way
what're you on tonight
Claude · a lot's gonna change
Der Tanz geht weiter!
Isolationsgemeinschaft · Anonym
Modal Melodies · Modal Melodies
Blood In My Hair
Troth · Blood In My Hair / Lumena
Some Of My Best Friends Are Canadians
Feeling Sheepish · Sky Girl
Basic Rhythm · Le Samouraï