Canada Post-Rock Episode August 19, 2022

Aug. 19 Show

7:33pm - 9:01pm

Die Welttraumforscher "Glücklich. Traurig. Seltsam" - Liederbuch
Nature Walk "On The Floor With Heartache" - Dinner Music
Tallies "Catapult" - Patina
BA Johnston "My Opinion of Above Ground Pools" - Werewolves of London, Ontario
Burning Hell "The Last Normal Day" - Garbage Island
Ghostkeeper "Grassy Plains" - Multidimensional Culture
Magi Merlin "Pissed Black Girl" - Gone Girl
Dill the Giant "Coogi Sweater" - WEED MAN SON
Soul Position "Keys" - Things Go Better with RJ and AL
Gammelsæter & Marhaug "Static Case" - Higgs Boson
Duet Emmo "The First Person" - Or So It Seems (Remastered)
Soft Pink Truth "The Anal Staircase" - Was It Ever Real?
Silk Road Assassins "3M Kunai" - Deadcell / 3M Kunai
Fantastic Man "Bioxy" - Alltogethernow
ASC "Night Clouds (Remix)" - Return Of The Emissary Remixes
UNIIQU3 "Touch (Leonce Remix)" - Single

Track Listing:

Glu?cklich. Traurig. Seltsam
Die Welttraumforscher · Liederbuch
On The Floor With Heartache
Nature Walk · Dinner Music
Tallies · Patina
My Opinion of Above Ground Pools
BA Johnston · Werewolves of London, Ontario
The Last Normal Day
Burning Hell · Garbage Island
Grassy Plains
Ghostkeeper · Multidimensional Culture
Pissed Black Girl
Magi Merlin · Gone Girl
Coogi Sweater
Dill the Giant · WEED MAN SON
Soul Position · Things Go Better with RJ and AL
Static Case
Gammelsæter & Marhaug · Higgs Boson
The First Person
Duet Emmo · Or So It Seems (Remastered)
The Anal Staircase
Soft Pink Truth · Was It Ever Real?
3M Kunai
Silk Road Assassins · Deadcell / 3M Kunai
Fantastic Man · Alltogethernow
Night Clouds (Remix)
ASC · Return Of The Emissary Remixes
Touch (Leonce Remix)
UNIIQU3 · Single