Canada Post-Rock Episode July 22, 2022

July 22 Show

7:31pm - 9:00pm

The Cat's Miaow "Hollow Inside" - Songs '94-'98
Taras Bulba "Barune (Mystic Fog)" - Venier Le Temps
Nailah Hunter "Forest Dark" - Forest Dark
Trolly Dolly "Wee Beasties" - Heaven's Mini Mart
Blunt Chunks "Natural Actors" - Blunt Chunks
Paul Jacobs "Hold On" - 185 on the Corner
Megamall "First Floor Apartment" - Escape From Lizard City
MISZCZYK "The Doorway (feat. New Chance)" - Thyrsis of Etna
In The Well "Sub Grover" - Atomium
Locrian "The Glare Is Everywhere And Nowhere Our Shadow" - New Catastrophism
Mystic AM "Thus Spoke Zarathustra / The Djinn" - AI​-​30: Cardamom & Laudanum
Madeleine Cocolas "Enfold" - Spectral
Hoshina Anniversary "Misebayana" - Hisyochi
Arpanet "Probability Densities" - Quantum Transposition
Isa Gordon "Three Airs" - For You Only

Track Listing:

Hollow Inside
The Cat's Miaow · Songs '94-'98
Barune (Mystic Fog)
Taras Bulba · Venier Le Temps
Forest Dark
Nailah Hunter · Forest Dark
Wee Beasties
Trolly Dolly · Heaven's Mini Mart
Natural Actors
Blunt Chunks · Blunt Chunks
Hold On
Paul Jacobs · 185 on the Corner
First Floor Apartment
Megamall · Escape From Lizard City
The Doorway (feat. New Chance)
MISZCZYK · Thyrsis of Etna
Sub Grover
In The Well · Atomium
The Glare Is Everywhere And Nowhere Our Shadow
Locrian · New Catastrophism
Thus Spoke Zarathustra / The Djinn
Mystic AM · AI?-?30: Cardamom & Laudanum
Madeleine Cocolas · Spectral
Hoshina Anniversary · Hisyochi
Probability Densities
Arpanet · Quantum Transposition
Three Airs
Isa Gordon · For You Only