Canada Post-Rock Episode June 10, 2022

June 10 Show

7:31pm - 9:01pm

Deanna Petcoff "Sing With Me" - To Hell With You, I Love You
Abigail Lapell "Ships" - Stolen Time
TOPS "Waiting" - Empty Seats
Des Ark "No More Fighting Cats, Ok?" - Loose Lips Sink Ships
Kamikaze Nurse "Never Better" - Stimuloso
Blunt Chunks "BWFW" - Blunt Chunks
Kelly Lee Owens "One" - LP.8
Hard Feelings "Sister Infinity" - Hard Feelings
Modlee "Wonder" - Soul Urge
Ex Ponto "Golden Hours" - In A Quarry...
Ulla Straus "Sister" - Big Room
Jake Muir "Green Eyes" - Lady's Mantle
µ-Ziq "Uncle Daddy" - Magic Pony Ride
Jana Rush "Lonely (ft. DJ Paypal)" - Dark Humor
Jlin "Connect The Dots" - Embryo
Exael "Ghoul Search (Demonic Attachment Mix)" - Ice That Melts the Tips

Track Listing:

Sing With Me
Deanna Petcoff · To Hell With You, I Love You
Abigail Lapell · Stolen Time
TOPS · Empty Seats
No More Fighting Cats, Ok?
Des Ark · Loose Lips Sink Ships
Never Better
Kamikaze Nurse · Stimuloso
Blunt Chunks · Blunt Chunks
Kelly Lee Owens · LP.8
Sister Infinity
Hard Feelings · Hard Feelings
Modlee · Soul Urge
Golden Hours
Ex Ponto · In A Quarry...
Ulla Straus · Big Room
Green Eyes
Jake Muir · Lady's Mantle
Uncle Daddy
µ-Ziq · Magic Pony Ride
Lonely (ft. DJ Paypal)
Jana Rush · Dark Humor
Connect The Dots
Jlin · Embryo
Ghoul Search (Demonic Attachment Mix)
Exael · Ice That Melts the Tips