Canada Post-Rock Episode June 3, 2022

June 3 Show

7:30pm - 9:01pm

Influenza Prods. "Animal Lovers" - Mémoire
Tess Roby "Path" - Ideas of Space
Shawn Pittman "I'm Losing Control" - Dreams
Choke "Out Of Sync" - Out Of Sync
pup "Robot Writes A Love Song" - THE UNRAVELING OF PUPTHEBAND
Susans "Toro" - Susans
Pink Mountaintops "All This Death Is Killing Me" - Peacock Pools
Crisis Man "Flag Of Dread" - Asleep In America
No Frills "Copy Cat" - Downward Dog
Barry "No More Boys" - Neolithic Homosex b​/​w No More Boys
Blod "Vårens första skratt" - Pilgrimssånger
Julia Reidy "Holding Onto" - World in World
Eric Lanham "CSFEO Alt" - Objet Dirt
Swaya "Methods of Protection" - EXistence
Black Rave Culture "Activate" - BRC Vol 2
Phelimuncasi "I don't feel my legs (prod DJ Nhlekzin)" - Ama Gogela
Farben "FF" - Textstar+
Parrish Smith "Light, Cruel and Vain" - Light, Cruel & Vain

Track Listing:

Animal Lovers
Influenza Prods. · Me?moire
Tess Roby · Ideas of Space
I'm Losing Control
Shawn Pittman · Dreams
Out Of Sync
Choke · Out Of Sync
Robot Writes A Love Song
Susans · Susans
All This Death Is Killing Me
Pink Mountaintops · Peacock Pools
Flag Of Dread
Crisis Man · Asleep In America
Copy Cat
No Frills · Downward Dog
No More Boys
Barry · Neolithic Homosex b?/?w No More Boys
Vårens första skratt
Blod · Pilgrimssånger
Holding Onto
Julia Reidy · World in World
Eric Lanham · Objet Dirt
Methods of Protection
Swaya · EXistence
Black Rave Culture · BRC Vol 2
I don't feel my legs (prod DJ Nhlekzin)
Phelimuncasi · Ama Gogela
Farben · Textstar+
Light, Cruel and Vain
Parrish Smith · Light, Cruel & Vain