Canada Post-Rock Episode May 13, 2022

May 13 Show

7:34pm - 9:01pm

Sara-Danielle "Slow Down" - Another Self
Frog Eyes "Here is a Place to Stop" - The Bees
Gus Englehorn "Dead Swan" - Death & Transfiguration
Spread Joy "Repetition" - II
Fjord Mustang "Fortune" - Solitaire
Leonie Grey "Therapy" - Who?
Space Ghost feat. Teddy Bryant "Relax Your Mind" - Heaven Sent
Dawuna "Parable I" - Glass Lit Dream
Habalayon "Whiteout" - Frozen Rainfall
Faust "Crapolino" - Punkt
Thomas Leer, Robert Rental "Attack Decay" - The Bridge
Phelimuncasi "Kolamula Ukusa" - Ama Gogela
Furyon / Anymus "Trance Exploder" - Trance Exploder / Trance Atlantic Flow
Marc Acardipane "Pitch​-​Hiker Remixes" - Pitch-Hiker (Original Mix)
Quasar & Cristo "Ginga" - Swearing EP

Track Listing:

Slow Down
Sara-Danielle · Another Self
Here is a Place to Stop
Frog Eyes · The Bees
Dead Swan
Gus Englehorn · Death & Transfiguration
Spread Joy · II
Fjord Mustang · Solitaire
Leonie Grey · Who?
Relax Your Mind
Space Ghost feat. Teddy Bryant · Heaven Sent
Parable I
Dawuna · Glass Lit Dream
Habalayon · Frozen Rainfall
Faust · Punkt
Attack Decay
Thomas Leer, Robert Rental · The Bridge
Kolamula Ukusa
Phelimuncasi · Ama Gogela
Trance Exploder
Furyon / Anymus · Trance Exploder / Trance Atlantic Flow
Pitch?-?Hiker Remixes
Marc Acardipane · Pitch-Hiker (Original Mix)
Quasar & Cristo · Swearing EP