Canada Post-Rock Episode February 18, 2022

Feb. 18 Show

7:29pm - 9:01pm

Eric Chenaux "Your New Rhythm" - Say Laura
Pan•American "Just a Story" - The Patience Fader
Earthen Sea "Rough Air" - Ghost Poems
Ghostly Kisses "Carry Me" - Heaven, Wait
Heavenly "The Ocean" - Tragic Tiger's Sad Meltdown
Sham Family "Lasso" - Sham Family
Spectres "Northern Town" - Hindsight
Sonic Youth "Unmade Bed" - Sonic Nurse
Spiral Beach "Way Way Out" - The Only Really Thing
Be Your Own Pet "Girls On TV" - Be Your Own Pet
Sinzere "Buy Back The Block" - BLACKOUT
Celly Cel "It's Goin Down" - Killa Cali
Debit "2nd Day" - The Long Count
DJ N. Fox "Sanzaleiro feat. DJ Firmeza" - Música da Terra
PT MUSIK "No Fim da Noite" - El Mundo Oscuro
DJ Travella "Crazy Beat Music Umeme 2" - Mr Mixondo
SHANGAAN ELECTRO "Ngozi" - New Wave Dance Music From South Africa

Track Listing:

Your New Rhythm
Eric Chenaux · Say Laura
Just a Story
Pan•American · The Patience Fader
Rough Air
Earthen Sea · Ghost Poems
Carry Me
Ghostly Kisses · Heaven, Wait
The Ocean
Heavenly · Tragic Tiger's Sad Meltdown
Sham Family · Sham Family
Northern Town
Spectres · Hindsight
Unmade Bed
Sonic Youth · Sonic Nurse
Way Way Out
Spiral Beach · The Only Really Thing
Girls On TV
Be Your Own Pet · Be Your Own Pet
Buy Back The Block
Sinzere · BLACKOUT
It's Goin Down
Celly Cel · Killa Cali
2nd Day
Debit · The Long Count
Sanzaleiro feat. DJ Firmeza
DJ N. Fox · Música da Terra
No Fim da Noite
PT MUSIK · El Mundo Oscuro
Crazy Beat Music Umeme 2
DJ Travella · Mr Mixondo
SHANGAAN ELECTRO · New Wave Dance Music From South Africa